Wednesday, August 03, 2016


The choir I was watching on YouTube was terrible. I could hear the whole group drifting flat right before my ears. Or should I say ear. I don't hear in stereo any longer but I'm betting with two good ears, it wouldn't sound any better.

As an antidote to the bad sound I looked up my high school, Daniel Mac in Winnipeg, which always had great choirs. A search for YouTubes of their performances yielded this lovely piece, Butterfly, sung by "Absolute Zero" the jazz group (Grade 12) student choir.

The song was written by Mia Makaroff, a Finnish composer of immense talent about whom you can read here.

Rajaton, a Finnish group, also has a beautiful recording and a more sophisticated jazzy arrangement of this song. What diction!

On a hot summer day, nothing sounds better than "The Christmas Song" in Finnish. I love
the sound of this language. By the way, Rajaton means "Boundless." Appropriate as this
group of six has a repertoire ranging from Queen songs to Mozart.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    the choir from your high school was 1st rate. and they look so young!
    very pretty music.