Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's New at Trader Joe's?

This single sheet fluttered out of a cookbook I was putting in a pile for the Bottom Shelf. August 9th, 1986, 30 years ago—I lived in Glendale and TJ's consisted of 24 units. I shopped there at least once a week and loved discovering and trying the new and interesting products they would get in regularly. "What's New..." must have predated the Fearless Flyer. 

Now there are 453 Trader Joe's located all across the country. 

I saw a woman interviewed on the CBS Sunday morning show this weekend. She'd left the U.S. for Canada after Ronald Reagan was elected thinking she couldn't live in a country that would elect an actor as president. Apparently her life in Canada has been just fine but when asked what she missed most she said, "Trader Joe's".

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  1. She thought an actor as president would be bad. Little did she know what was in the works today!