Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sepia Saturday 342 August 2016 - Post #4: Frankie's Wedding

 Lorraine, Patti—my mother-in-law, Frankie, Herb, unknown best man.

This is the one formal glamorous wedding picture I have in my collection. The occasion is my husband's Aunt Frankie's wedding. The bride's dress is the exact opposite of the swirling, blowing dress in the prompt photo. Frankie's dress is a limpid pool of fabric, so smooth it looks as if they ironed it on the spot. The bridesmaids are her sisters, dressed similarly, but the dresses are subtly different.  The floral bouquets are definitely different, as were the three sisters from each other. 

Frankie was beloved by all...a treasure. Here's a beauty shot of her in her early twenties:

And here she is later in life with her husband and two children. She was beautiful until she died in her eighties. 

 And here is Frankie's grandaughter Jennifer, her husband Nick and her two boys, who are Frankie's great-grandchildren. Sadly, she didn't live to see them. I think Jennifer looks very much like her grandmother.

The dimple family.

Liam - Mr. Adorable with a toothsome monster. 

Not that Rowan is happy about his 4th birthday party!

Finally, one of favorite photos—my husband on his mother's lap. I've written of this particular afternoon in other blog posts. It was a weekday in the San Fernando valley, circa 1939, when the doorbell rang at my mother-in-law's home. The door-to-door photographer talked Patti into sitting for a portrait. A bit flustered about what to wear, she got into her bridesmaid's dress from Frankie's wedding above and tried to pose, but my husband, a toddler, was throwing fits. Finally, she sat him in her lap and the photographer got this great shot. My husband looks like he just won the lottery. Can an infant be smug? I certainly can see it.

This is my fourth and final Sepia Saturday post for the Love and Marriage prompt.
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  1. A wonderful collection of family photos. Frankie's daughter looks very much like her Mom - at least in that particular photo. As for your toddler husband looking smug - I'd say so. What an expression - especially when you know the 'story' behind it. :)

  2. That certainly was a glamorous wedding. Surprising that your mother-in-law thought to put on her bridesmaid's dress for a door-to-door photography salesman. I still have the dress I made and wore on the one occasion that I was a bridesmaid for a friend, but must admit I have never worn it since.

  3. Lovely idea linking the two photos and Frankie was certainly a beautiful woman.

  4. My goodness he looks like a Kewpie doll!


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  6. In the last photo the baby looks like a little kewpie doll with that little swirl on top of his head.