Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Cousins and a Remodel

We've owned a condo in Oxnard at Channel Islands Marina for 40+ years. It was wonderful as a weekend getaway for many of those years; I lived in it for a while and it's been a rental for the past 25 years. The last tenants almost trashed it - what a mess. We decided the time was right to renovate and sell.

I found an excellent contractor up there, outlined the job and selected all the materials from Home Depot so he could pick them up and take them to the job. He worked straight through in order to get everything done before the summer is over and the market cools. He's the best contractor I've ever worked with...he actually does what he says he's going to do. What a concept. 

Kitchen before. Formica everything. Plastic covered fluorescent lights,

On the way up to Oxnard, we stopped in West Hills for a quick visit with our cousin once removed (who is Richard's cousin's daughter) and her boys - our cousins twice removed.
Jacarandas were in bloom all over the valley.
Liam, a two-year-old cousin twice removed. Dimple Dude TR. 

Liam has a cheerful personality and he follows instructions from his mother to the letter. A time-out is a true time-out. He sits quietly in the corner until mom allows him to return to his two-year-old agenda, which is very busy and takes him from here to there and back with lots of running and laughing involved. No terrible two's. He has a hilariously hearty laugh - no kiddie giggles.

Five-year-old cousin Rowan, twice removed, in his karate suit. We learned you cannot start Karate lessons until you're out of diapers. If you're in diapers, no Karate - something to remember as you age. 

Rowan and his legos.

Enjoying every minute, playing fire and firemen. I'm holding the fire and crying "Help! Help!" The boys are rescuing me.

Here's how the condo looks today...by week's end, the" stager" will do her work, I'll take more photos and the property will be on the market.

New cabinet and tile floors and baseboards

Stainless steel farmhouse sink and granite counters.

New sliders.

Mirrored closet doors

Light grey paint, wood floor, new baseboards, new windows and sliders throughout.

Kitchen, after the remodel. Appliances arrive today. All new. What a difference.

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  1. fabulous remodel. can't believe it happened so fast. you were really lucky to find such a good contractor.