Thursday, November 09, 2017

Sepia Saturday 393: Perspective

"Perspective" was a suggested approach to the prompt this week. I immediately thought of my husband's gopher shot.

At times we feel that gophers are taking over our grove. Not because of their size of course, but their numbers. They burrow everywhere but are most destructive when they go to work on the hillsides. A decent rain will collapse the burrows and cause incredible erosion. We try various means to get rid of them...traps work best. Oh, the life of a farmer.

And here are a few camera shots. I've used the one below several times. I'm admiring one of my brother-in-law's large cameras. 

 Debra, using my small camera, after hers fell into a pile of yak dung in Tibet....not your ordinary camera incident. Thanks to her excellent eye, we had much better photos of the travel experience than we would have had with me using the camera.
My sister, Eilleen, who dutifully lugged a huge video camera around to every family occasion. Thanks to her for recording all the fun.

Me with kids and camera in Ghana. They probably all have cell phones with cameras by now.
 Richard, confronting a large, empty perspective and fulfilling a dream to fly over the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.


  1. I especially like the last photo of flying over Namibia.

  2. Super photos! The gopher shot is like one of those trick postcards of a giant jackalope. Your comment on the children in Ghana now having smartphones made me realize that mobile cellphones have liberated people in the 3rd world to take photos and videos that previously would have been impossible for them. What would they blog about?

  3. That photo of you with your brother-in-law’s camera is a good match for the prompt picture. I wonder if the subject of that one had a giant tripod to balance it on as well.

  4. I agree, that last shot is very special.

    Gophers are annoying wee beasties, but I used to take them from my cat—when they were still alive—and place them at an entrance to a random gopher hole and say, "Go! I don't care if it's your home. Just go inside because eventually I'm going to let my cat out again and he'll be looking for you."

  5. Yikes, that's some gopher! Love the cameras-down-through-the-years photos. You are lucky to have photos of you and others as photographers. So often the person wielding the camera can be forgotten during the picture taking.

  6. Great photographer collection! I'd completely forgotten about the video cameras! So glad to be reminded. I think I have one around in a drawer still!