Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ruffles to Ripples

The prompt photo this week features an exceptionally beautiful garment. The ruffles are lovely, cascading down the bosom and over the shoulders of the attractive subject. For my eye, all the other elements of the photograph faded away. I mentally jumped from ruffles to reflections and tried out an effect available from the on-line photo editing site, Lunapic, which I like very much. Exceptionally easy to use, it enables me to be a little creative and turn my ordinary photographs into more interesting images. The ruffles turn into ripples.

I searched through my photo stash and could find nothing that could even come close to the featured gorgeous garment. I did find a photo of my Aunt Nita wearing a dress with a draped collar. My best match. 

Nita was married to my mother's brother, Louis. She and my mother were good friends before Nita and Louis married. Their family—Nita, Louis and their five children—lived in Kenora, Ontario in Canada where my Uncle managed the Kenricia Hotel for many years. Here's Nita and her reflection.

Nita was born in 1911 and died in 1978. Her maiden name was Sharpe. Her father was Howard Sharpe and he was the CPR Telegrapher in Kenora when she was born. I have fond memories of Nita, in particular, she and my mother singing Whispering Hope together. 

Here she is with her sisters. All three must have had their hair "marcelled" into waves, or you could view them as ripples for the sake of matching today's theme. 

From Wikipedia: Marcelling is a hair styling technique in which hot curling tongs are used to induce a curl into the hair. Its appearance was similar to that of a finger wave, but made by a quite different means.

I overdid the reflections, I know. I find them mesmerizing.

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  1. The reflections are wonderful. How neat you can do that with photos. I especially like it done with the prompt picture. Really beautiful. And whoa, those marcelled waves in the girls' hair. My Mom had a couple of those clamps and I used to fool around with them in my hair when I was young.

  2. Love the reflections! And the Marcelled hairdos. I had to look this up once, too, after seeing a reference to it in some old literature. The photo of your Aunt Nita is lovely, as is her dress with the pocket matching her collar.

  3. Ruffles and Ripples made for an intriguing title - I enjoy the effect of alliteration, A clever idea and a clever photo technique. My mother’s cousin was a hairdresser in the 1920’s and I have a photograph of an advert for her business promoting marcel waves.

  4. I'll have to try Lunapics.

  5. The trio with Marcelled hair-dos is so cheerful, and thanks for the fun of rippled reflections!

  6. Lovely! NiceIdeas & photos.Yes! I thinkI will visit Lunapics too!

  7. The internet never ceases to invent new ways of seeing. I think the marcelled wave fad followed the post-war cinema celebrities who needed a modern style that wasn't like the pre-war fashions.

  8. An interesting effect, although I find it disconcerting on the writing. My hair does those marcel waves of its own accord if I let it, which would have been great in its time but ...

  9. Interesting site, Lunapic. The marcelled hair looks weird and sweet at the same time!