Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tune Up

Tune-up time. Plagued by unpredictable bouts of tachycardia for many years, my cardiologist suggested I have an electrophysiological evaluation and cardiac ablation, if necessary.

The procedure was done last Wednesday and while not painful, was uncomfortable. It took a couple of hours while I was under the influence of a nice mixture of drugs which kept me in a dreamy condition, but aware of what was happening and able to answer questions. I wish I could have seen them, on the screen, actually ablate the tissue in my heart but I was prone and fixed in place.

I felt good right away and as soon as the anesthetic effect wore off the next day, I walked my usual four miles. It's probably imagination but my heart feels better, steadier.

We were both well treated at Tri-Cities. The nurses who prepped me and guided me through everything were great. They kept up a steady chatter with me over the prep time which is quite long as you are virtually wrapped from neck to ankle with electrical monitors. I was as distracted and relaxed as I could be under the circumstances.

Richard's waiting experience was pleasant and he was kept well informed. My doctor spoke with him immediately after the procedure, while I was recovering. The nurses called him to come in and help me get dressed to go home.

All I have as battle scars are two little slits in my neck and three in my thigh where the catheters went in.

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