Friday, November 10, 2017

Writing - Pain and Suffering

Skin bag of Regret at work
Quoting Vivian Swift. "But writing is basically a horrible profession that turns people into skin bags of regret...."
And Vivan continues..."I’ve written three books, and the process is so horrible that I am loathe to subject myself to it for a fourth time. I don’t want to sit in a room for three years by myself, doubting every damn word I write, for less than minimum wage, just so some half wit can plaster a bad review about it on Amazon because she didn’t like it that I packed a cashmere sweater when I went to Paris. (True story.)"

I share some of Vivian's feelings even though my time at writing has been short. It's thankless in most ways and ego bruising. For me, it's an engrossing hobby and an artistic outlet—I hold out hope that I'll develop a recognizable style. So far, that has eluded me. For the past year, I've been embroiled in writing craft and have been simultaneously thrilled with the new knowledge gained and frozen in place by the very same stuff. Frustrating.

I've taken a number of workshops and writing classes which I've enjoyed immensely—the teachers in all cases were excellent and kind.  My writing group, spawned from a workshop, has turned out to be the best of all the learning experiences. I'm forced into productivity—writting every week—and improved by their reaction to the content and their editing.

Along the way, I've acquired a small library of writing books...some really excellent, some not so hot.

The young woman in the below video is so enthusiastic about writing, I found her inspiring. She's fun to watch and if she doesn't make it as a writer, she's already a skilled teacher. I read one of her stories... imaginative, clever and unique.

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