Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebration dinner at Tamarine

Even though I'm tired, I'm very relieved to have the procedure almost over. Tomorrow is the final day and we can go home. To celebrate we ate at Tamarine, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant we discovered earlier in the week. Richard had a repeat of the cod cooked in a clay pot. I ordered grilled scallops in green curry. Richard had a splendid beer and me a glass (2) of Alsatian
Gewurztraminer. For dessert I had the tapioca cooked in coconut milk and two sorbets - one mango and one coconut. Richard had a wonderful citrus flan. The meal was splendid. We took a wander through the Barnes and Nobles which is housed in a beautiful old Spanish building. By the time we left, Palo Alto was coming alive - almost 8 p.m. The early diners like us were slogging toward our cars, our wallets a little lighter, making room for the on-time diners, mostly 30 somethings, more vivid, more lively and with fatter pocket books. As the world turns.

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