Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Op

I painted cabinets on Saturday after having just returned from Stanford on Friday night. That is how good I've been feeling. Other than a small amount of pressure in the head, everything is about the same except that I feel more stable. This morning I walked toe to heel down the kitchen floor following the tile line and was able to stay upright. While sitting, I'm feeling no waveriness. Tinnitus is the same as pre-surgery. No pain in the jaw line. My sense of taste is still messed up but no worse than before. Hearing seems to be the same as pre-surgery. I do have a hearing test scheduled for September so I'll find out then exactly how it's doing.

I spent most of yesterday online writing back to people who had sent good wishes - and posting items on the acoustic neuroma association forum. Just info about how I feel. Some people are nauseated and dizzy for days post cyberknife. Others experience horrible tinnitus and jaw pain. I'm either really lucky or my turn will come later?

I've posted this pictures of the guys at the wedding because they are showing the feelings that I'm experiencing. If I'd tried this
now I'd end up in the hospital.

So far, so good.

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