Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stanford - Monday

Today we met with my two doctors, the radiation oncologist and the neurologist. Dr. Soltys, the radiation oncologist looks about 23; Dr. Chang looks just right - young enough to be up on the technology and old enough to be mature. After reviewing my case and doing a few short tests on site...closing my eyes with my hands in front, walking a line toe to toe, he said I was a bit unsteady. He whispered in my good ear and then in my bad ear..a sort of empirical test of his own.

Next was an MRI which I wasn't expecting and wasn't on the schedule. There was a bit of a mix-up with where to go and what to do. It ended up gobbling up the afternoon. I was finished about 4. Richard and I went shopping at Crate and Barrel and Adronico's market, then walked a bit around downtown Palo Alto. Ate at Tamarine which was excellent. Richard had clay pot cod; I had chicken cooked with a kumquat glaze and roasted cauliflower. We shared some anise rice. For dessert I had a coconut tapioca with two sorbets..unbelievably good and Richard had a flan.

This morning I had a cat scan and they made my mask. I was finished at 9:00. They told me to plan for the whole day - a nice surprise that it was so short. Now the actual radiation is all that's left.

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