Saturday, August 22, 2009

Radiation day 3

Day three was similar to the other two days, but now it's old hat for me. I actually enjoyed it more and was able to focus on the procedure and worry less about claustrophobia. Today I asked the tech to take a few pictures of me in the mask. Boo!!

Soon it was over and mask in hand I got in the car and we left. Packed up and went straight to the airport for an uneventful ride home. As it was almost 6 pm we stopped at Kings Fish House for a delicious meal. Richard had soft shelled crabs and I had sand dabs. The cats were happy to see us and I fell into bed, exhausted.

At 4:00, my eyes popped open and I recognized the typical steroid effect...for me it's SPEED. So now I'm on the run for a while and will probably collapse this afternoon. I'll try to enjoy the high while I have it.

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