Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy week ahead of us. Tiling, plumbing, cabinets are all demanding attention. It's taking both of us to supervise, run for "parts", return calls and try to keep moving. Finally we seem to have gotten rolling again after a few set backs that made us grind to a halt.

Richard's mom had another stroke on Saturday and was taken to the emergency room and then to a neuro ward for observation and further treatment if necessary. At 97, there's not much anyone could or should do. She can no longer swallow or even stick her tongue out so no food or liquid can go down the throat. They were starting an IV feed for her yesterday when we left. She was really exhausted as they'd been testing her or poking and prodding all night long. We're on call and on hold, waiting to see if they will return her to the nursing home in Glendale or what the alternatives are.

Our closet "guts" will be in the works this week and probably ready next week.

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