Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The bombing of Nagasaki is what you think of first about Nagasaki and indeed, the biggest tourist attraction is the Atomic Bomb museum. There's far more to see here than just the remnants of that sad event. The museum, by the way, is excellent - well laid out and the information is organized in a logical way. Information cards are easy to read and in both English and Japanese. A Japanese man about our age approached us and spoke to Richard at length. He is a school teacher and brings his kids to the museum so they never forget what Japan did and why the bombing saved so many lives by stopping the war. It was an interesting exchange between the two.

From the top of the park where there's an observation tower, the view is terrific. To me, the bay reminded me of Rio. The ride into the bay is long and green rolling hills unfold on either side. The city is big but not unmanageable with readily accessible trams running through the main parts and cabs everywhere. The cab drivers wore suits and white gloves. I noted with interest that all the drivers pull the emergency brake at every stop.. I wondered if it was the law. Cabs were expensive. Everything was expensive.

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