Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parking Lot Thrills

More therapy today. This will be my third session. Last time we worked on my walking and turning my head. Exercises accompany each session and of course, like anything else, you have to work at it to get the benefit. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have enough time to devote to it. Some of the exercises I can do while driving, er...while sitting at stop lights. They did conclude that I am in danger of falling, so I'm making sure I take my calcium tablets. If I do have some falling incidents, I'm hoping nothing breaks.

Yesterday was one of those days, you'd like to erase, starting in the morning with the refrigerator on the blink. Water was running out of the freezer compartment - a mess. Cleaned everything up and moved things downstairs, tripped the circuit breaker and it all started up again. Went to the cabinet makers and Will didn't have my samples ready and I spent an hour getting over there due to detours. From the cabinet maker I went to see the furniture store where some built-in units were well priced and a possible for our office. Turned out all the marked prices were wrong and I wasted time there. More detours on the way home.

I went to the bank and Richard came in after me..he had been in the parking lot and saw me walking along. Apparently he honked and honked and then came in. I didn't hear him approach of course and jumped about a foot. He stood talking to me while I was searching for my bank card. Because of the noise in the bank lobby, I couldn't hear a word he was saying so he finally left. The inability to hear in public building's is very inconvenient - usually I just nod and smile...but in the bank I have to hear what they are saying so I cup my ear and lean in. Usually people are very cooperative.

In parking lots, my greatest danger lingers. It feels like one close call after another - both in the car and on foot, because I cannot figure out where engine noise is coming from. I park in the farthest away spot so I don't have to back out too much but then as I walk between cars, I don't hear them getting ready to pull out. Eventually I'll figure out a coping strategy but for now, it's a thrill going to the market!

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