Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TJ's Meatloaf

Thank God for Trader Joes. One Italian meatloaf served as dinner for the last two nights. It's pretty good - very moist with a flavorful Italian tomato sauce topping.

This morning we are having pomelo for breakfast. While in Asia, we ate salads with pomelo and seafood - an excellent combination. Whenever we buy pomelos at home they are disappointing. Richard picked up a few at Costco, and they are - once again disappointing. In Asia, they are juicy and delicious with very large pieces. Here they are almost taste less, sort of tough and chewy without the nice indivicual pieces. I think it must be the variety that is being grown here.

We have a new estimate from another plumber which looks good. We'll go ahead with him and hope he will stay with us til the end. Yikes, we are tired of plumbers coming and going.

The handyman can start next week on the miscellaneous odds and ends that have accumulated. And the electrician can hang the next-to-the-last lamp. The lamp came with a fancy chain that was too short. I tried to order an extra length and this required that LampsRUs add the item to their inventory list. One month passed by until they were able to institute a system so I could buy the chain. Argggh....this is why everything takes so long!

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