Thursday, November 05, 2009


I spent an hour today at the cabinet shop picking out finishes. The saws and drills are buzzing and the designer has a very soft voice. My head felt like it would explode from the vibrations. I'm still struggling with blues...trying to find the right shade for the island.

On the way home I stopped at a furniture store which had a big "last chance clearance" sign hanging on the front. A very nice woman shadowed me as I was looking around. A few minutes into the conversation and I found she was a Canadian from Vancouver and so another hour flew by as we talked about her career and how she ended up in California.

Patio tiles were delivered today and Higinio the Guatemalan welder was up working on the gates. Richard unloaded all the patio tile and will probably have a back ache tonight. He's amazing for a 70 year old...the lady who delivered the tiles kept referring to him being in his 50's. If she only knew!

I'm working on closet configurations. I had everything figured about before we left on vacation and should have placed the order. During our three weeks away, my head totally emptied and now I am having to start from scratch again.

Richard bought swordfish for dinner. I can hardly wait.

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