Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner in Glendale

Palate in Glendale was our choice for dinner last night. We enjoyed a meal there last year and hoped to repeat the good experience. The place was strangely quiet as pulled up and parked directly in front. The last time we were there, the place was jam packed, with two valets managing the cars in front. Hmmm - my husband commented all the rest of the food emporia in the town looked crowded as we drove by. A line was even out the door at Porto's Bakery; we haven't see that kind of crowd in years.

 After we were seated in the empty restaurant, we were handed the prix fixe menu which was all they were serving on Sunday evening. The two choices of entrees were Manila Clams or Sheep Sirloin - that  was it. We left amid some huffing and puffing of the wait staff and called around to the old standby's like Taix and the Tam. Everything was booked so we ended up at the unheralded (to us) Clancy's Crab Broiler, where dinner turned out to be perfectly fine. The restaurant was full but quiet and comfortable. Service was excellent.

Menacing looking but delicious catfish
I had the tempura battered catfish, Richard the sand dabs. Both were surprisingly good and the evening was saved.


  1. Catfish looks pretty durn tasty... I order sand dabs every chance I get.

    Try La Cabanita in Montrose for breakfast for a real treat, on Verdugo.

  2. Thanks, we'll try it. We both love sand dabs too. The only place I know around here for sand dabs is King's Fish House. We stop at the one at the Cajalco exit en route to the airport or the one over in Carlsbad if we're in that direction.