Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farewell Player Piano

This piano was a gift to myself 12 years ago when I was working really hard and needed a juicy incentive to keep forging ahead. I imagined when I had the instrument play itself the house would sound like Nordstrom's shoe department - heavenly, but it wasn't that way. The acoustics in my house with tile floors and a long hall created a strange effect and I never liked it very much. In fact, I never liked it at all. It was a nice piece of furniture and useful for parties when the house was full of people - the bodies seemed to cushion and modify the tone. We don't have room for it at the rancho.

The piano suffered from not being played enough. They get a kind of arthritis...sticky keys and bit of sound distortion at the lower end. Still a great beginner piano and fine for parties. 

It will have a new home soon where I hope it is played and enjoyed more often.


  1. Oh, no! I thought I had to get rid of some big and hard to let go of things.
    I'd keep this just because of the looks- but I know the problem.

  2. My husband would like to just cram it in somewhere, but I can't see jumping over the thing for the once a year it gets played.