Friday, February 24, 2012

Memories of Honfleur

French Haystack

From my travel notes, October 2010. 
On the way to Honfleur in France, we passed a number of these fantastic haystacks. Haywalls would be a better description. They looked so conceptually Swiss, so orderly and single-purposed, not like the French at all. 

Honfleur harbor 
We stayed at the lovely La Cour Sainte Catherine which we discovered on the Slow Food website. It's a sort of BandB which grew from one building to another. Our attic room over the garage was charming, clean, quiet and comfortable. Breakfasts were excellent - hot, strong coffee and freshly baked bread served in the main house.

My French Canadian relatives departed France for Canada from Honfleur harbor which I'm sure looked much different four centuries ago. 

Richard opening the door. We did not ride up on that motorcycle.
Cour de Sainte Catherine Chat

Still life - October garden bounty at the hotel
The Bakery


Oldest house -Honfleur


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  1. Lovely post. I loved Honfleur too.