Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hugo is delightful. For all of you film buffs it's a must see. We saw it in 2D and I'd like to return for a repeat in 3D. The acting performances are good, the movie has a beautiful look and the score is excellent.

I was surprised to see this song posted on YouTube, but here it is. The French lyrics crawl below so you can work on your accent while singing along. 

 Coeur Volant

As we settled into our seats near the back of the theater, a older man came slowly up the stairs clutching a huge bag of popcorn to his chest. It must be some new sort of super-size thing; looked like a burlap bag. The man chose the seat directly in front of us and before he sat down, he gently placed the bag on the seat next to him. Clearly he AND the popcorn bag together would be too much for a single seat.  He pulled down the dividing arm rest between the seats and settled in with his enormous drink, a companion to the popcorn colossus. We expected someone to join him but sadly, nobody ever did. The popcorn apparently was his date for the evening. He proceeded to demolish the whole thing. We could see his silhouette against the screen - reach, grab a handful, reach, grab a handful - non-stop for two hours and 5 minutes.

As we left, we noticed a crumpled sweater in the empty popcorn's seat.  Had he wrapped it round the bag to keep it warm? Was there really a human date who changed her mind and left him only with her wrap and the popcorn?

We've seen people bringing all manner of food into movies recently - even containers of take-out Chinese food. The crumpling packaging is noisy and the aromas are distracting. I don't understand why people cannot refrain from eating for the duration of a film, usually 1 1/2 hours or 2 at the most.  And when did it get to be acceptable to hang your feet over the back of the chair in front? Everyone does it, young and old - standards of decent public behavior seem to have slipped down yet another notch.   

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