Monday, March 16, 2015

50 Shades of Gray

Gray, gray and more gray is what we saw at the Peking Wok the other night. Maybe not fifty shades; closer to fifty heads worth. After seeing a movie we stopped in for a light dinner. The dining room looked like the dining room at CBYS (Carlsbad By the Sea) where our friend Fran lived until she died a few years ago.  Most of the diners were of the early variety and the place began to empty when our food arrived. "We look just like them," I said to Richard. "I guess so," he replied unconvinced. "But we're eating at 6:30, not 5:00." As if that hour and a half put us in another category altogether. 

Actually we look worse than most of them. We have to sit side by side or I can't hear him. If there's any ambient noise, I can hear nothing and look ahead blankly. I stagger when I get up or down...the transitions are difficult and so are turns. A fast right or left leaves me reeling for a couple of seconds...enough to destabilize me and that's not pretty. Young waitresses call us "dear".

The distressing thing about getting old is the way everybody starts to look the same. Faces lose their individuality. Wrinkles and sags all look alike. I have friends who have dyed their hair pink or blue, added braids and colorful streaks...and these tactics help. Every once in a while, I meet a woman my age who wears hats. Colorful and memorable hats. Distinctive, signature clothing can make a big difference. 

Then I read the Sunday LA Times, fashion section and saw this great face jewelry. What a boon for seniors to make themselves distinctive! The mustachey apparatus would mean no more lip waxing. You could use the dot things to cover age spots. Rhinestones under the eyes would help with bags. All that stuff on the ears would hide my hearing aids.

You can see how popular themed face jewellery might be. Cat lovers would be dangling with cats, Christians bedecked with crosses. The earrings are large enough for advertising could charge a fee for wearing them. The possibilities are endless.

All the photos below are Givenchy.

You can buy braids like these at CVS.

I can see my book club friends with this look!

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