Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cashew's Big Day Out

Cashew is almost a year old and he had his first fully escorted and supervised excursion outdoors today. First he attempted to run across the pool to catch a lizard and fell in. It happened so fast, we didn't get a picture. 

Wet track where the cat flew from the pool back into the house. 

Wet and terrified. 
So much for our supervision. R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the pool was instant. He won't even look in that direction any longer.

He's been watching the goats from an upstairs window for days as they come by and graze. Finally he had a closer look.

The goats took a short break from eating my passion fruit to look over their new neighbor.  

 Cat and goats sized each other up. 

Cashew and Pink acted as if this was their first meeting. First, noses touched. They seem to get along better outside. 
 Next came the more important rear inspection. 
Goat stalking was a team effort.  Both cats began creeping up on the fence. The goats were not particularly impressed. 
Cashew has a great "low-crawl". He drops to his belly and drags his feet along the ground. He was making a lot of noise - half growls and purrs, which I'm sure were distracting to Pink. 

A short union-authorized break was called by Pink. Teaching Cashew lessons drained him. Cashew was still raring to go. 
Last lesson of the day and big thrill was a gopher hole examination. Pink demonstrated how it's done. Cashew observed and took notes.


  1. I love the photos of the cats with the goats. Actually all the pics are great. Such cute cats.

  2. Pretty funny. Are those your goats?