Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ace of Cakes

"H. J. Heinz merges with Kraft Foods" - lead story on the business news this morning. According to analysts, Kraft brands has failed to update sufficiently to maintain appeal in the modern marketplace. The Heinz people, with Warren Buffet's checkbook,  are confident they can streamline both operations and make them more profitable with updates and consolidations. We'll see. The list of brands Kraft owns is long and sprawling. No doubt they can sell some of them and concentrate on updating the most profitable. Meanwhile, small nimble companies are out in front with new ideas and developing markets, like this one.......

Zebra cake? These mixes jump out at you from the shelves at Target. A very creative baker, Duff Goldman must be thrilled to have this shelf space in the chain. For cake bakers and decorators, these mixes look like a lot of fun to make. 

Here's the mission statement of his first and primary venture: Charm City Cakes 
Our mission is to create the world's most exquisite cakes. Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fashion, fabric, furniture, architecture, landscapes, science, music, and history. Most of all, our inspiration comes from each one of our incredible clients. Every cake we create is custom made from concept to consumption and is a completely original piece of edible art. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

If you check out Duff's website he also sells convenience items for decorators: 
Cake Tattoos

More cake tatoos...for those who don't have time for conventional decorating

Bat and ghost charms on wires.

And more Duff mixes: 

From website:
Duff’s entrepreneurial spirit took him back to Baltimore in 2000, where he finally realized his dream in 2002, and opened Charm City Cakes……in his apartment. A growing clients list helped propel Duff into an even bigger location: an old church he retrofitted into his current modern bakery. As word about his unusual and daring cakes got out, Duff hired staff with more artistic experience than the typical pastry chef, like painters, architects and sculptors. His out-of-the-ordinary team is known for producing highly creative cakes that range fromStar Wars characters, a replica of the Stanley Cup, a working life-size motorcycle, and Hogwarts Castle for Warner Bros. and the premiere of Harry Potter.

Following several appearances on its cake competition Challenge series, Food Network tapped Chef Duff and his fellow cake baking artists at Charm City Cakes to star in Ace of Cakes. After 10 seasons on the Food Network, the show wrapped as one of the longest running reality shows in history to feature the same cast.

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  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I used to love watching the Ace of Cakes. They built seem really fantastic confections. His products are really unique. He's probably going to become a millionaire.