Saturday, March 07, 2015

World of Watercolor show at Fallbrook Art Center

Nancy and Barbara let me tag along with them to the World of Watercolor show at the Fallbrook Art Center. I know nothing of watercolors but thoroughly enjoyed learning from them. I now am sure of what a "plein air" painting is. I thought it was a particular school of California painting but I learned it means that the painting was painted to completion, out of doors. 

We all liked the "Best of Show" winner, "A Man in Full" by Charles Rouse. The way the colors are deconstructed when you look close-up resembles the old paint-by-numbers paintings that were so popular decades ago. 

I almost voted for this painting for people's choice. It didn't seem like a watercolor to me or what I thought was a typical watercolor until seeing all of these. This painting is hanging on a back wall in the gallery and jumps out of the wall at you. 
'Illusion', by Denny Bond

Nor did this look like the watercolors I've seen before. 
'Double Take' by Ken Goodman

No Push Zone II by Don Taylor

No Push Zone was painted on yupo....Barbara explained about the slippery surface of the paper and the kind of effects you can get with the watercolor sliding around on the surface. I looked up this youtube demonstration that I enjoyed watching, now that I have a clue. Watercolor on yupo demonstration

This LINKwill take you the Art Center website where the show catalogue can be found.

 The painting I chose for the People's Choice award is "Starry Night Flight" a watercolor by Sandy Meyer. I loved the whimsy and the use of watercolor for such an off-beat subject. 
Out of curiosity, I looked online for watercolor cartoons and was surprised by this site - apparently watercolor is frequently used by cartoonist. 
Great watercolor cartoons and illustrations

Here's a few samples. 
Batman, dussoor 005


Superman by Kamgates

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