Saturday, March 07, 2015

Smithsonian Photo Contest - 2015

We're finally going to buy new phones and keep changing our minds about what kind and which model. When I saw this photo in the Smithsonian Photo Contest 2015 and read that it was taken with an iPhone 5, my decision was made. I hope Richard will agree. 

I included a few of the finalists in the contest that I particularly liked below. Here's photo of a little albino child I found captivating.
I can't stop looking at her sweet little face.
Online you can vote for your favorite of the photos for a "people's choice" award. I love this one of  a beautiful teenaged girl from Ethiopia. You can see the photographer in her eyes.
 My favorite image and the one I voted for is this one of women sewing fishing nets in Vietnam. Detail about the photographers and the cameras they used are available on the link. 

Here's a link to the finalists in the contest. 

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