Saturday, June 13, 2015

A day in Tehran.

From Dubai to Tehran

Our Emirates flight to Tehran was flawless..before boarding we had a splendid meal in the first class lounge. I had langoustine and a wild mushroom risotto; Richar had a duck salad and veal cheeks. Dom
Perignon was forced on us. 

In Tehran our passports were scrutinized and data was entered into the world's slowest computer. The passports were stamped but, oh oh, something wasn't quite right and we were passed along from official to official. They did a bit of harrumphing and paper exchanging and finally one of them with a big sigh handed us the passports and welcomed us to Iran. Our energetic young guide Nadia was waiting for us and we were driven 50 k from the airport through very bad traffic, which was picnic traffic returning to the city.

We over slept but managed to make it to meet Nadia in the lobby of the hotel and we started looking around the city. We visited the excellent history museum, the bazaar and the jewel museum. the museums were fine...Nadia's favorite in the history museum is the Salt Man, but she has watched his head deteriorate during the scant five years she's been guiding. I don't think they have adequate temperature and humidity often the case in this part of the world. We weren't allowed to take pictures so I snagged this from cyber photo. Same story at the really wonderful jewel museum - no photos, but what gasp inducing displays they have. My favorite was a globe made from precious stones. 

In the bazaar we started with a drink of carrot juice mixed with saffron ice cream. There are many varieties of olives and pickles made with Shiraz vinegar...all they can do with those wonderful grapes now that alcohol is banned.

Nadia is very entertaining. Our cab driver today was quite a crank and he didn't seem to like having a woman giving the orders. She would call him on the cell phone to tell him where to pick us up and he just couldn't understand her. She'd hand her phone off to any passing male and ask him to tell the cab where we were. Miraculously, the driver would understand and find us. He'd give her a ration of grumbles and complaints as soon as we got in the car. 

Our hotel is very comfortable with all the amenities of a four star hotel, here rated five stars. According to Nadia, it's all downhill from here. 

There is no access to blogs..I'm writing this on blogger and sending it out without having any idea Of the formatting. Photos are of Nadia the great, museum, bazaar and the rest are self explanatory.


  1. Wonderful- keep it coming. It's almost like we're with you but without all the hassle.

  2. Duck, risotto and Dom, poor things...Love the picture of the kids in the fountain.

  3. Great photos. I'm enjoying your trip.