Monday, June 15, 2015


No crowds here - above I'm sitting in the shade under the cover at the Necropolis. The relief carvings are 2500 years old. Sections are in very good condition because they were buried by a series of collapsed walls for centuries. 

Above: The ruins of Falbrook at the ruins of Persepolis. My head scarf skills aren't improving - it's hot under the scarf and it falls down over my eyes. I'm managing to keep my ass covered successfully.

Below a buffet lunch with an array of stews, various kinds of rice. The black mixture in the bowl is the famous Persian stew of chicken, walnuts and pomegranites. 

There are no tour guides at Persepolis - you take your own or you take a book for explanations. This Iranian family showed up with nothing and we loaned them Nadia for a quick run down. They were most grateful. 

Nadia regaling us with stories of unrequited love, family life and her experiences as a tour guide.

Our hotel in Shiraz was designed by some genius who thought it was a good idea to call our floor, number 9, the third floor. There are a few problems here but all over shadowed by the kind and helpful staff.

More ruins and relief photos. 
Wherever we go, people ask us to pose with them for photos. 

Lions paw with exaggerated cat knuckles and what looks like paste-on claws.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about Nadia's experiences as a tour guide.
    I hope all those ruins last... including you and Richard.