Thursday, June 25, 2015


Military cemetery where 400,000 fallen in the Iraq/Iran war are buried.
Angel? No.The spirit of the dead..a lovely large statue in front of the military cemetery.
A very famous photo in Iran, "the last goodbye". Father and son were both volunteers in the 
Iran/Iraq war. The boy was 17 and the man 60. The boy was going to the front. 

From an illuminated bible in the Armenian museum. 

Music notation...very old.

Another friend. He graduated from Eastern Oklahoma University. Loves Americans. People we talked to on the street told us how happy they were that the American volleyball team refrained from drinking water during the first part of the game so they would be on an even playing field with fasting Muslims and in keeping with the country's custom of no eating or drinking outside until sundown during Ramadan.

Saffron ice cream with pistachio nut topping.


  1. Thanks for keeping up the blogging while you're traveling! Don't know how you do it but I'm loving it.

  2. My my. Those Armenians have rosy cheeks!