Sunday, June 28, 2015

Richard - a new occupation?

Out of Iran, into Muscat, Oman for a few days of R & R. Scouring the local papers to get a feel for the place, we found a few chuckles in the pages. 

I understand there is often an unseen motive for changing a person's name. In this newspaper notice, the short and pronounceable name of "Mohit Shankar" is being changed to "Sai Charan Sankarasubramanian". I have to say the longer name would look good if he gets into the film business; when credits roll at the end of a film, this name would fill the screen. It's the only advantage I can see. 

I'm betting they call him Mo.

Canada is taking occupation list? 

Richard decided he'd like to sit in the position of Diwan and dispense contracts for the Royal Court. Note the tenders have to be submitted in a small envelope and sealed under wax. Number 5 states that the Municipality is not obliged to accept the lowest or any tender. Leaves plenty of wiggle room for brothers-in-law or friends who may have a stash of fireworks to dump. Wax sealing????

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