Friday, October 14, 2016

Alexandria and Luke's Lobster

George Washington attended Christchurch in Alexandria. The church has changed little over centuries. 


Poor Charles, with a typo on his grave stone. I'm not having a stone but if I did it would probably have a grammatical flaw. How I long for an editor to whisk through my scribbles and clean them up! I'm guessing the Simms family decided to accept the stone with the typo rather than have the mason redo the job. Or maybe Charles asked for this so his stone would never go unnoticed. 
Washington's pew which has been graced by the presence of many dignitaries over the years. 


We had a pleasant lunch with Larry, Bill's husband. Bill is dying of ALS and
we weren't able to see him. Larry is Bill's caretaker, friend, rock...a hero in our book.
Autumn floral arrangements and a sleeping dog.

Cannon converted to a fountain...a much better use.

Later that night we saw a small troupe, Pinky Swear, in a delightful hour long compilation of country songs about men murdering their wives, "Over Her Dead Body: A Bluegrass Benediction."There seems to be an endless number of these (Banks of the Ohio, Long Black Veil, Twa Sisters and Barbara Allen) and as the presentation was in conjunction with Romeo and Juliet, it worked.
Still later, we had lobster and crab rolls at Luke's Lobster. The soft squishy buns and fresh, fresh
seafood were swoonfully good. Makes a person want to either camp outside Luke's or head for Maine. 




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