Friday, October 14, 2016

Harris Teeter

We wandered the aisles at Harris Teeter getting a few provisions. Probably the IPA's are available at home and I never take the time to look them over carefully. Nifty illustrations and graphics.

I worked on this product 30 years ago. They've done a nice job with new packaging and graphics. 
I really like the Vlasic's new upscale brand.
An amazing array of mustards...
Including a few under the McIlhenny's brand which I worked on in concept. Somebody else saw it into production.
I don't like oysters in my stout but I love the illustration.
After watching Mad Men who could pass the Utz chips without buying a couple of packages. 



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  1. how fun to see your products come to life. I love the Vlasic pickle packaging (say that 10 times). They look like you just pickled the cucumbers yourself. Very clever.