Monday, October 17, 2016


One of the highlights of any trip to DC involves visiting with Roseanne Russo, Richard's longtime friend and now mine. Roseanne had an illustrious career in the FBI which is how Richard and she met. Roseanne was the first female profiler in the FBI and developed many of the psychological profiling tools that are still in use. You can't make a career out of this specific aspect of law enforcement...there's a limit to how long a profiler can "live in the brain," so to speak, of the bad guys, without going a little nuts yourself. The rest of her career was equally interesting and she was recently featured in a chapter of the book, "Women in Blue," where you can read the whole story.

Now retired, Roseanne is a tour guide at the Kennedy Center and at the local PBS radio station. This election cycle she's busy registering voters and campaigning for Hillary. And much more...she uses her time wisely, always giving. A great person.