Saturday, October 08, 2016

Easy as Apple Pie


Roseanne is a wonderful baker. She learned from her Aunt Rosie and her specialty is pie. The apple pie she served us last night for dessert was splendid. I think it looks as good or better than the beauties in the Martha Stewart Dessert book. All through dinner I had my eye on the pie sitting on the buffet; I carefully paced myself so I'd have sufficient appetite to savor every flaky bite. "Easy as Apple Pie?" Not really. To make an apple pie as good as this one takes a lot of practice and skill. 

John and Sue, friends from Winchcombe England, were the guests of honor at dinner. Sue and Susan (a new friend) were pen pals in grade school at about the time the Beatles were sweeping the country. Young American girls wanted British pen pals because it made them feel more involved with the darling boys. Sue and Susan continued their relationship to this day, over more than fifty years, visiting back and forth. A whole string of corollary relationships followed from the two Sues, including Richard and I and Beth and Charlie from Fallbrook. We've all visited Winchcombe and we are tempted to go again in May for the annual walking festival, where we would do the famous walk the,The Cotswolds way, at last.

Roseanne and Richard have been friends for years and Roseanne interested us in Winchcombe in the first place. As she's a tour guide at the Kennedy center she was able to get us tickets for "The curious incident of the Dog in the Night-time" tomorrow night. Looking forward to this.....

We didn't get any great pictures of the evening, but I like this one of Richard and Roseanne even though she has her napkin up.


 And my eyes are closed, but it's good of John and Sue.



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