Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Georgetown and the Holocaust Museum

We took a cab over to Georgetown the other night for dinner with friends at Chez Billie Sud which gets excellent reviews.

The pots all over town were beautiful. Rain will do that....we forget that in S. California.
Georgetown was quiet on Monday night.


Chez Bille Sud is in a cute building.
I was disappointed when I saw that they weren't serving veal cheeks. Everything was straight classical French cuisine which 
I think is awfully unimaginative and boring. Cocktails were shockingly expensive and the place was noisy. Our friends are delightful and I really didn't care so much about what we was still a great evening, but if you're going to DC cross this place off your list. To be fair, I'll add that we did
have an excellent waiter.
Tuesday we spent at the Holocaust Museum. What can you say...the museum is excellent. Moving and sad. I was born about a month after my little girl...the girl whose ID card I carried, was gassed.

And I'm complaining there was no veal cheek on the French restaurant menu. 



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