Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another wedding in 2010

Our younger cousin Jennifer called last night. She's been out of touch for a while, having experienced one crisis after another. She relocated to Los Angeles after almost a year in Colorado working with her boyfriend on a large estate - managing the real estate, herds of cattle, vehicles and personnel. Everything fell apart - the job, her relationship with the boyfriend and she returned to her most familiar stomping ground, Beverly Hills.

The best news we had is that she has fallen in love, serious love and will be getting married in Kauai next month. We're very happy for her.

Today we had decorating advice from Marie - she helped us pick out our backsplash and had many interesting ideas about how to furnish the place. I enjoyed watching her look at something, think for a minute and then cook up an idea. Watching a creative mind at work is such a pleasure.

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