Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Carpet roll with feet

Out of the corner of my eye I saw this roll of carpet traveling across the floor. Then I noticed the feet.

The roll was bigger by far than the guy carrying it. He didn't stop for the landing, just negotiated the turn and went straight up.
Two men came to do the installation (one office, one closet) and completed the job in 2 hours. Everything was cleaned up and all packaging in the garbage. They left me with almost as much carpeting as they installed.

Arizona tile was almost empty which seems like normal to me as most of this past year when I've been tile shopping has been dead for stores like these. For the second time, I wandered through the slab racks with a hard hat on trying to follow a chart they give you. The hat keeps sliding off and it's like walking and chewing gum to keep everything together.

Last stop was Old Town for olive oil. They have a new flavor - white truffle. Very nice, but so subtle that I decided to pass and purchase instead one of their seasonal products, Le Caprice de Nature. Old Town was busy. Mad Madeline's patio was full. The new municipal buildings will probably add a lot of traffic to the area.

Once again, I've managed to configure a bathroom so that no towel bars can be installed. Three times I've made the same mistake and have had to use a free standing towel rack which is fine for me, but it's definitely not a male thing. Richard would prefer a line of hooks that everything could be slung on. Like a men's locker room.

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