Friday, February 12, 2010

Head examined again

I'm going to have my head examined today. 15 minutes in a tight tube with myriad sound effects: banging, growling, clicking and clacking. Half-way through, they drip gadolinium
into the veins which is a contrast material and shows the tumor up very well. It's slightly uncomfortable but a small price to pay for the diagnostic value of the test. MRI's have been used on humans since 1977.

From Wikipedia: Magnetic resonance imaging is a relatively new technology. The first MR image was published in 1973] and the first cross-sectional image of a living mouse was published in January 1974. The first studies performed on humans were published in 1977. By comparison, the first human X-ray image was taken in 1895.

My symptoms have stayed about the same for the past two months. I'm guessing the tumor will have swollen slightly which is to be expected; my hearing is totally gone in the left ear which will be confirmed with a hearing test in April. Fortunately, my right ear has perfect hearing. All the symptoms including the hearing loss are easier to deal with every day. This is not necessarily true for those around me, who have to repeat things so often, but at least I'm at peace with my limitations.

Post-script. Wow, I took an atavan before the procedure on the advice of many people on forums. Fell asleep during the MRI. Whew..I'm achieving the Echart Tolle's goal of living in the moment. I don't have a worry in the world! Better living through chemistry and all that.

Tolle's philosophy is that by removing oneself from thoughts and ego and by focusing on each present moment the individual will have greater appreciation of his/her life. This philosophy encourages people to overcome the dominance of the mind and ego over the body, which Tolle calls the "pain body"

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  1. I love Tolle's philosophy but can you do it without the drugs?
    So sorry you have to go through all this.