Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good week on construction project

This week was productive. The antique door was installed and baroke glass placed in some of the cabinets. I loved the spelling of Baroke but that's what the manufacturer called it. Manny our tile guy finished installing tile dots here and there..we settled on nine in a diamond shape. He also installed a
marble top in our small upstairs bath. A backsplash and oiled bronze faucets will finish it off. The tile guys sealed the caps on our outside wall, making them shiny and wet looking. Last but not least they did a good cleaning of the house and took off all the window goo and splashed-on concrete. I ran out of gas on that project and was happy to hand over the baton.


  1. We did have a good week, where lots of little details were crossed off the list. I'm looking for excuses to work outside. Isn't this great weather?