Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Betty Crocker Estate


The Betty Crocker Estate is for sale.

"Behind carved iron gates, nestled amongst ancient oaks, towering olives and a running stream, is a historic and architectual Amercian treasure. Built in 1878 in the victorian gothic revival style, rests the enchanting brick abode that was long the beloved home of "Betty Crocker",incredibly preserved and restored; an iconic piece of our nations past. The estate is graced by a massive stonewalled barn with 20 foot rafters and an orginal manger, a romantic pool and courtyard reminiscent of a Maxfield Parish painting, exquisite manicured grounds, ponds, gardens, and over 8 acres of beautiful rolling land. Inside the home are original and exquisite appointments: cedar wood floors, intricate moldings, grand ceilings, waved glass, carved ballisters, fireplaces and orginal mantels, over 3000 square feet of living space, a fabulous remodeled kitchen with hand made copper counters, 3 charming bedrooms, a solarium study, 2 and a half bathrooms, and a four car seperate garage with massive loft. An amazing piece of Americana!"$1,295,000.00

Who was Betty Crocker?

"The Washburn Crosby Company -- later re-named General Mills -- invented the character Betty Crocker in 1921 to personalize letters in response to customers. Betty Crocker's name and signature soon became a representative for the company's flour and other "home economics" projects, including a chain of cooking schools throughout the United States designed to test and demonstrate products and recipes. By 1936 Betty had become so popular the company created a face to go along with her signature. In 1950 the first Betty Crocker cookbook was published, and quickly became a staple in American kitchens. Around the same time the logo, a red spoon and signature, appeared on boxed cake mixes. Since then Betty's name has been used on a wide range of products, and her image has been updated 8 times, most recently in 1996."

Agnes White was one of the actresses who portrayed Betty Crocker. In 1941 she and her husband moved into the San Diego home, the Betty Crocker estate originally built in 1883. She lived there until her death in 1979 at age 84.

My friend suggested this would make an excellent food museum, research center, retreat, restaurant, offices for a magazine. Rights to the use of the name associated with the estate are transferred with the property so it can continue with the splendid name.

The house images came from Oldhouses.com.
Photos of Betty Crocker from Attic Magazine.

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