Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Accidental Book Club Meeting

Roz Chast was speaking at the library. I love her cartoons in the New Yorker and took extra care to make sure I got to the library early to get a seat. She was speaking about her illustrated memoir, "Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?"

Turned out she wasn't there - I misread the announcement (so did three others) and instead of an author appearance, the Non-fiction Book Club was going to discuss her book. So I stayed and listened to the group which was lively and articulate. Anybody who has an aging parent or who has cared for an aging parent would enjoy the book. The book club agreed that one of the primary messages of the book is to get prepared yourself for your demise. Clean out all your junk! 

Here's an excerpt which was published on-line by the New Yorker. It's all set up for sharing on social media so I hope they don't mind me printing this here. You can read more at Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant 


  1. I thought she was going to be there, too. But I thought it was going to be on the same night as our book club so I thought we wouldn't be able to make it. I guess I'll just get the book. It looks good.