Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Meyer Lemon Salsa Verde

Now that I've decided to make every recipe in our last issue of Sunset, I was committed to preparing Meyer Lemon Salsa Verde, against my better judgement. Sunset features the salsa on scrambled eggs. As I was making it this morning, I thought 1 1/2 tsps. was too much salt but I went ahead and added it. There were capers too. Too much sodium. In my opinion the salt could be reduced by half and there's also too much olive oil - 1/2 cup.  I love salt, olive oil, lemons and capers but don't like this unbalanced blend. Also it calls for champagne vinegar. Does it need acidity - no, there's half a lemon in here. Could you really discern the champagne notes in the vinegar in this strong, salty mixture? No. 

The Sunset photo (above) of the salsa is lovely and soft. You can hardly see the oil..either it's not in there or reduced for the photo or the product is just like mine but in the hands of a lighting expert. The dollop on their eggs looks totally without oil, even dry. Hmmmm.

I love their shot of the grainy, grilled bread. Who grills bread in the morning?

The salsa was a dud but I figured at least I could take a photo of it. I started out with the salsa in a white bowl on one of my new Villeroy & Boch plates purchased from Home Goods for about $10.00 each. Did I need more plates? Of course not. However, I can't help it...I'm either a plate addict or a "plate whore" as a friend of mine describes herself. Trying to recover. The plate looks good, but the greasy salsa looks horrible.

I tried getting really close up on it which sometimes helps with an unattractive subject but it looks gelatinous.   

For my final attempt, I moved the salsa into a glass bowl, added a vignette and put it slightly out of focus.

I increased the color intensity slightly. The salsa is now in the refrigerator waiting for a miracle or barring that, maybe the addition of marscapone or sour cream to sop up the salt and acidity or the most probable end destination - the garbage disposal. 

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