Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

A pair of "heart" ears seemed like a harmless idea for a Valentine's day costume. Have I been spending too much time with Beth?

"Aha! Perfect." I thought when I saw just the right thing at Target. For $4.49 - slightly more than the cost of a cheesy card, I could at least give my husband a laugh for V-day. But then, I noticed the warning  - "For pets only." What possible reason could there be for limiting the hat to pets? It ties under the chin and we all have chins. I passed it up because I'm a Canadian and we follow the rules, as you know. I wondered though if it would be splitting hairs if you were to wear these ears over a gorilla costume? 

Not only can you buy costumes for your pet for every holiday, it amazes me that you can now buy fragrance for your dog. "Smells so good" it claims. To whom? Certainly not the dog who likes nothing better than the heady aroma of another dog's butt. And the nail polish?? The line of products must sell and it must be profitable or it wouldn't occupy a couple of feet of Target shelf space. 

Instead of dressing up our cats or painting their nails, we decided have our truck tuned up and smogged today. With an hour to kill I talked Richard into taking a look at the new improved Myrtle Creek Nursery. 

The cafe was crowded with Valentine's merry-makers. We strolled around the place enjoying the plants and the displays. 

Steamer trunk cabinet.

Old bed-spring planter
A painting Zuzu would love.

Resident cat keeping an eye on the bird houses.

What better color for Valentine's day? 

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