Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carlsbad in February

I haven't walked around in Carlsbad for a number of years. I'd forgotten what a fun town it is for shopping, antique stores, old bookstores, and restaurants. Here's a couple of murals that caught my eye. I loved the trompe l'oeil look of the tigers paw hanging off the edge.

This giant watering operation was perfect for the blank wall facing the playground. 

I'd forgotten how magnificent the old trees are....the giant eucalyptus and California peppers. 

I saw a fat little kid in this burl. 

In an antique store, I spotted a lamp which rivals "The Christmas Story" Leg Lamp for bad taste. Actually looking at the photo, I think it transcends the leg lamp (which is at least kitsch) and passes on to a new higher plane of ugly. The lamp was taller than me. Why the seller chose to place it up on a table is beyond me - unless...unless he/she was hoping the viewer would make the bad taste connection to the leg lamp?

Only these head hunter book ends were in worse taste. They'd be perfect in a dentist's library. I hope the rope sling from the earring around the boob doesn't catch on with young people. Wouldn't surprise me though. 

Lamps created out of old photo equipment were in a couple of shops.  
I found one Brownie (Target) that looked pretty close to the one we owned when I was growing up. 

Whoever would guess that plastic food would gain value with time. This cheese plate will put you back $125.00.

The weather was perfect at the beach. People were eating lunch at outdoor tables, hundreds of joggers were running up and down the beach walk, and bicyclists were out in full force. February in California - you can't beat it. 


  1. Makes me want to get out-and-about more!

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    what a great post. I love all the vintage shots, of course. And as to the lamp being placed on the table - maybe they're hoping some little kid will come in and knock it over and they won't have to look at it anymore.