Thursday, February 05, 2015

More Obituaries

After reading The Australian newspaper's tasteless obituary of Colleen McCullough, I thought I'd seen the most unkind cut that could be delivered in the last words about a person. Take a look at Anthony D. Marshall's below. In the opening sentence we learn he was convicted of grand larceny involving the estate of his mother. Whoever wrote this account couldn't even bring him or herself to list the names of his children. 

This obituary appeared in the latest issue of the DACOR bulletin - DACOR is an organization of foreign affairs professionals. 

Brooke Astor lived until she was 105. 

Richard pointed out another obituary to read - that of John Thomas Downey. Richard met him some years ago. How much was left unsaid in this one! 21 years he spent in solitary confinement. You can read more about him in this Slate article.

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  1. the moral of the story: inform all your survivors not to publish any obituaries about you or you will come back to haunt them or disinherit them or both. :-)