Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A pleasant surprise....

Ashish turned around in his front car seat to face us. "Although it's Shunday, everythingsh shtill open. We Indiansh are workaholicsh ash you probably know." Each word was spoken with measured deliberation and at first he seemed tedious and pedantic, despite the funny accent. After a few minutes we began to appreciate him, for we could understand his every word and the slower stream of information was just right for our over-stuffed, over-stimulated brains. He gave us a splendid tour of Jodhpur including the large monuments, but he also took us  down the small winding back alleys and into interesting little shops. 

Here I am hanging on "hish" every word.
Jodhpur is the blue city.
In the lovely mausoleum, where the sun shines through marble almost a foot thick.

Women shopping in the bazaar. Ashish tells they go shopping together in a bunch like this one and visit the textile shops. The sellers unroll bolt after bolt of fabric, but the women are "just looking."

I swear all the older Indian men are good looking. On every corner, there's an Omar Sharif.

We hated to shay farewell to Ashish (sounds like, well...you know, without the first H), the besht guide we've had sho far.

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