Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Pushkar is famous for it's camel fair...five days in November. Over a million Indian tourists
flood into the town which has about 15,000 residents. The decorated camel photo isn't this
time of year, the camels are out on farms around the area. Only a few are pulling carriages around town.
We did see two carts on the main road yesterday. Traffic was backed up behind them for almost a mile.

This fellow was really pushing the red skirt. Obviously a fashionista, he thought it was "me".

Getting gas. This fellow was very curious about us. I was writing notes and he came and looked 
in the window reading over my shoulder. He examined everything in the car, through the window 
and finally got in his truck and drove off, waving to us as he left.



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  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Everyone in India seems to have such flexible knee joints. Also, it doesn't look to be any overweight people. Love the photo's. Beth C