Saturday, April 09, 2016

On the road....

On the road today from  Jaipur to Agra. The driving is thrilling and the truck
decorations keep us amused. 

We enjoyed a couple of hours at Akbar's hot
spot, Fakehpur Sikri, where the Sufi temple was amazing; crowded with people
of all kinds of religious sects tying good luck strings on the
window grates and placing fabric and money on the altars. Generations of
the Sufi have lived here.

I've always avoided convencers.

Big crowd for the Sufi temple. I liked the feeling of being swept along by everyone, the 
weirdly wonderful music, the chanting, the incense heavy in the air. It was all so....
so Indian. 

Getting on this bus causes ordinarily polite Canadians to turn into pushy, elbow jabbing, "every man for himself," 
monsters. What a scene, although it looks benign in the photo. Embarrassing.

"Fright Carrier" - what a difference an E makes.

Our hotel made a big deal out of giving us a free apple.

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