Monday, April 04, 2016

En route to Udaipur

Jain temple ...fabulous. More than 1000 pillars all uniquely carved.

The "Great Wall" equivalent in India. Kumbhalgarh, Maharana's fort. Quite a hike up. On the top, people wanted to take pictures with us...and so, we're in a lot of kids' selfies. 

Water festival girls along the road. Hours in the car yesterday.....

We dodge and weave through and between cattle, children, goats, other cars, buses and tractors. 
Our driver goes at fairly high speed through pedestrian clusters...I guess, having tended to his Hindi duties each morning, he feels that he and others around him are safe. Before he begins driving there's a ritual of touching the icons in his car and his own hands, eyes, ears and head. Yesterday, we were in a hilly area with sharp, blind curves. I'm completely surprised at the low number of accidents, given that nobody jumps out of the way...the drivers do the dodging. Keeps you awake!!

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