Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Through the car window...

What are the two brick toting ladies talking about? "I just knew you were going to wear pink I chose the old green. Love your bangle bracelet, by the way." 

Whatever they do, the women we've seen in the countryside are wearing saris. And there are no "practical" saris created for tending pigs, toting bricks, carrying water. No matter what, the women are beautifully wrapped up and move gracefully doing whatever task is at hand. Mind boggling. To me, it's comparable to going out to the garden to weed wearing a prom dress and a tiara. 

Friendly people along the road, waved and smiled at us. They appear to be living technically as people did a century ago...pumping water, carrying it on their heads. Farm animals are doing all the labor. This area is not far from Udaipur.

A typical scene our driver faces on the road all day. Pedestrians expect the cars to dodge. Cattle don't move, period. 
Even in the most crowded city area, they amble around or even nap right in the middle of the road.
 Woe to the driver who harms one, not so much because of the fine and jail time, but the bad karma. 

The monkeys stay off the roads. I don't know what the signs say...what do you think?

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  1. No, I can't imagine trying to garden in a sari. Since my garden is raised (3 ft.) and next to a cement walkway, it could mean certain death tripping over a hem or being snagged by a tomato cage. As it is, it's dangerous enough.